Marcel Kinard works for a telecommunications company doing software development and related topics in Android, Java, and some C, is a husband and father of a handful of children, has a leadership position in his church, works on his house, and has little time for hobbies.

This blog is meant to capture some of the lessons he learned the hard way, so that others may benefit from his mistakes. Or if lucky, benefit from the things he did right.

Marcel is not a spokesperson or representative for anyone. The content here is only his personal opinion, and he does not represent the views of his employer, his church, or other organizations.

This site has no ads and does not generate any income. The aim of this site is to provide original, valuable content that is more than link aggregation or saying the same thing as everyone else.

In the realm of full disclosure, I do use Google Analytics on this site. This is so I can see what people find useful here.

He can be reached via email: marcelk at marcelk.org.

He does have a sense of humor, but many people question the quality of it, especially when he writes about himself in the third person.

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