tech/faith: tools for running an in-person conference

Within my church organization, I’ve been asked to help organize and run activities for the youth in our area. The biggest activity is what we call “stake youth conference”, which is basically 3 days with 250 youth, age 14-18. It’s not a small task. As we approached this year’s youth conference, one of our bigContinue reading “tech/faith: tools for running an in-person conference”

life: the epic road trip (v2)

Gluttons for punishment, or doing all the fun over again from 9 years ago: I don’t know which. But had another wonderful 3 week road trip this summer. Stats: duration: 21 consecutive days driving distance: 6890 miles total hours driving: 120 average mpg: 25.5 gas consumed: 270 gallons (generally around $4.50/gal) Monuments / Parks /Continue reading “life: the epic road trip (v2)”

tech: the [ultimate] home server on the cheap

After having a couple Raspberry Pi’s doing miscellaneous things, and working my way up to a Plex server where I needed real storage and video transcoding crunching power, it was time to do something real. But I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Here’s what I did. Hardware I wanted a decent machineContinue reading “tech: the [ultimate] home server on the cheap”